Home Infusion Nurses: A Rewarding Specialization 0

Home infusion nurses say that the major advantages of being one are autonomous, variety, flexibility and satisfaction, but most of all, you will be able to meet so many interesting people. Home infusion nurses are specialized to conduct infusion therapy; this is the process of administering a medication directly into the patient’s vein. There are many kinds of infusion therapies; they include antibiotics, nutrition, fluids, pain medication, supplemental iron and chemotherapy.

An infusion therapy can be given to patients while they are in the hospital or at any special infusion clinics. However, the good news is that this kind of therapy can be given in the patient’s home. With this new development, the patient can still enjoy a normal life; he can stay in his neighbourhood while the medication continues and can spend time with his loved ones and friends rather than stay in the hospital or make regular visits to a clinic for long-term care.

Becoming a home infusion nurse is considered a rewarding specialization. It is a profession that can help patients take charge of their lives outside the traditional medical facility. At first, there are some issues that surfaced and some were reluctant to undergo such therapy, but with proper hands-on training and teaching and a set of well written directions, most of the patients can independently take charge of the therapy. In fact, patients who undergo home infusion therapy are amazed that they are capable to do it by themselves.

Home Infusion Nurses: A Rewarding Specialization

Normally, home infusion nurses visit the patients once a week, this is to check their vital signs, draw blood samples for laboratory tests and assessment of their condition and change dressings. Also, these nurses check and remind patients of upcoming medical check-ups. The majority of the patients is receiving infusion therapy for just a couple of weeks, but about 20% of patients need a lifelong therapy. As a result, the nurses create a special bond with their patients whom they work for months or even years. They have the chance to really understand the specific needs of each patient.

Infusion therapy has become a growing field of nursing. As a result, staying at the hospital is shortened and more therapies can be done at home. With this, the patients are less susceptible to acquire infections at home compared in the hospital. Another development is that home infusion nurses can deliver services to other patients like those suffering from severe snoring. With their good people skills and critical-thinking abilities apart from their medical expertise, they can help these patients. In most cases, snoring problems are best treated at home with the expertise of nurses like the home infusion nurses.

Home Infusion Nurses: A Rewarding Specialization

It has been proven that treatment and other therapies can be done effectively at home, the reason why home infusion nurses have become more in demand nowadays.