IV Nurses Certification 0

Health care professionals who want to expand their field of expertise and gain knowledge about IV therapy can get further education through programs that offer IV nurses certification. The interested health care professionals must be a registered nurse or must possess a license as a practical nurse.

IV Nurses Certification

During the certification program, the students will be able to learn practical skills and approaches for the preparation and administration of IV therapy. Also, they will gain IV techniques from the demonstrations, hands-on training and supervised work experience. Obtaining a certification in IV therapy will qualify as a continuing education and will serve as a basis for licensure purposes. Qualified health professionals can get different certifications in the field of IV therapy through the various professional nursing organizations.

The topics involved in getting a certification include refresher courses such as physiology, anatomy and of course, health care laws. The more detailed topics are as follows:

IV Nurses Certification
  • Structure and functions of the human body.
  • The importance of fluids and electrolytes in the body.
  • Solution concentrations of IV.
  • Preparation of IV and vein selection.
  • Venipuncture techniques.
  • The complications of IV therapy.
  • The peripheral access techniques of IV therapy.
  • Central line care and central access techniques of IV therapy.
  • Various IV therapies for control of specific diseases.
  • Legalities and regulations of health care.

When you are a certified IV nurse, you can perform specific functions like to become part of the surgery team to assist the doctors. For instance, surgeries to help patients lose weight like the Bariatric surgery. This must be performed in a medical facility or a center that has a complete weight loss program. This is one of the areas that an IV nurse can work and can improve her expertise not just in assisting surgical operations but as part of the team to help the patient improve physical health.

IV Nurses Certification

When you have an IV nurse certification, you can be exposed in different areas of the medical profession. The best thing to do is to become a highly competitive and expert professional in your chosen career path.