Rheumatology Infusion Therapy Nurse 0

Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that detects, treats, and manages patients that suffer from arthritis and other rheumatic disorders. One of the common problems experienced with those who suffer from these conditions is that they aren’t able to get enough rest and sleep because of the pain they are experiencing.

Rheumatology Infusion Therapy Nurse

One of the most effective treatments for rheumatic disorders is through infusion therapy. It provides the patients the medication that they need through an IV line which gives a direct and immediate effect to the body. Infusion therapy may be done as outpatient or inside the hospital. It is performed by doctors or trained licensed nurses. Prior to therapy, you will be instructed by the infusion nurse to perform the following:

Rheumatology Infusion Therapy Nurse
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure that you are well hydrated for the procedure.
  • Inquire whether you need to pre-medicate with medications such as acetaminophen. If there are any, take them prior to the therapy, making sure that you are taking the right dose and taking it at the right time.
  • Ensure that you wear your most comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Note that you will be monitored during the entire procedure; wearing loose-fitting clothes will make it easy for you and your health care provider to monitor your vital signs during therapy.
  • Consider wearing a layer of clothing or clothing with layers. This is to allow you to control your body temperature easily. Some infusion centers may be too cool or too warm. Aside from that, there are IV infusions that can also make your body feel warm or cool. Having layers of clothing will permit you to be flexible enough to control the temperature. However, note that blankets are also available in these centers should you feel too cold.
  • Inform your physician or bring a complete list of the current medications your taking. It is also best that you tell your physician whether you have allergies to certain medication or foods to prevent any allergic reactions as certain medications can have some ingredient that may trigger an allergic reaction.